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Seasons Change………….

I wanted to speak on the final chapter of our “shit”. But I decided that acknowledging you and the BS you pulled was not the route I wanted to take, considering you would get a kick out of the attention as well as knowing you hurt me…again. I was raised with “everyone deserves a 2nd chance” but you have gotten about 5 chances and you still haven’t learned shit. I whole heartedly believed you, again, last weekend. You were so sincere, eye contact was in full affect, and it felt so right. Being with you felt right. Key word being felt, past tense. The ache I felt in my chest the following day, when I realized it was all lies and you stood me indescribable. I would never want anyone to experience that, its one of the worst emotions to feel..rejection, deceit, just plain ugliness reared its ass back into my life, on my doorstep, in my heart, infront of my eyes. Your lack of communication and conscious shows me that you are hiding something, and you are too stupid to accept that honesty is the best policy and fess up. I refuse to be a doormat, that is why you will be ringing a dead doorbell. I refuse to sit around for another year waiting for you to follow through with your promises and make us happen. I refuse to be yours when its convenient for you. I refuse to watch amazing men walk past me day in and day out because I am afraid of missing the opportunity with you, if you ever so happen to man up and do as you say. That night, before I feel asleep ..I promised myself I will no longer be here for you. I will not accept your calls, texts, IMs, emails, etc unless you are sincerily apologizing and honestly telling me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth. I will go out with whoever dares to ask me on a date, I will put you to the side, out of sight-out of mind. I will be fine, and most importantly I will be better without you around.


I’m not yours.


Allow me to (re)introduce myself…

Hello there,

My name is Be. Nice to meet you. I live life through hot tracks, sick metaphors, quotes, and all other creative outlets.  I write constantly, whether it be poems, short stories, songs, raps, movies, etc….I just write like my life depends on it. I am currently in the process of continuing my eduction and hope to become a “Writer”…I am also very passionate about acting, screenwriting, fashion, human rights, political science, culture, and anything that has to do with people places and things.
..Thank You for visiting =)

I hope you leave with a little bit more than what you came with.

As always, stay blessed…

Its a new day